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Stat change labels in build mode not working

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Ever since 15.1 I've been having an issue in build mode where it will only show changes in volume, mass and crew requirements.  The other changes made by a block are hidden until you actually place it.  Here's a screenshot showing the issue:  https://imgur.com/uBPusjZ


This has been the case in all conditions, including alliance ships, personal ships, old/new galaxies etc. 

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build mode this patch is all sorts of wonky.


visibility mode crashes to desktop, merging blocks crashes to desktop. and so on.



reinstalled the game like 8 times since the patch hit yesterday and every single time i had issues (which wasnt an issue prior to the patch)


tried with mods, without mods issues every single time.



at first it thought it was workshop ships acting up but that isnt the case either, none of the log files provide ANY clue either.

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