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[SPOILERS] Reaching The Core


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A consolidation of info on how to get to the core, for people who are stuck trying to figure it out.


The Way

Right along the wall around the core you can find a hidden mass system with therein 8 asteroid stations in a circle, numbered from I to VIII.

That's related to the 8 Xsoltan Artifacts you can find (legendary upgrades numbered the same, from I to VIII).

When you have (and equip?) all 8 of them a jumpgate to the core opens.

Things leading to those artifacts can be found in sectors with a hidden mass signature (equip a radar upgrade).



The Artifacts (minor spoilers)



-I is received by finishing the Project Exodus questline

-II is researched at the research station

-III is received by killing Pirate Captain Swoks

-IV is sold by the travelling merchant

-V is received by the artifact delivery questline

-VI is received by killing the AI

-VII is received by the MAD science thing

-VIII is received by finishing the smuggler questline




Detailed guide (major spoilers)




Project Exodus. The start beacons can be found in hidden mass systems at a distance of more than 200 from the core.

They're easy to spot on the map - they blink.

The beacons are numbered - find beacons until you have X and Y of the same number. Go to that location (can be found via mission menu-> show on map.

You'll find a beacon in that sector with new coordinates. Follow them.

Repeat that until you've reached the final sector (somewhere near the edge of the map).

Talk to the communication beacon until it says it'll drop some Xsotan technology.

Look around for the glowy purple thingy, and go pick it up.






Find a research station. Give it three legendary system upgrades, at most one of which can be a Xsoltan Artifact. Research that and you'll get the Artifact.






killing Pirate Captain Swoks (distance to core between 380 and 415)






sold by the travelling equipent merchant for 3 million creds






Follow the Artifact delivery questline to a beacon. Activate it while having one of the legendary upgrades equipped. The upgrade is dropped when you killed the Four.






killing the AI (distance to core between 295 and 315)






destroying 4 MAD science energy research satellites until the boss shows up and killing him. (distance to core between 150 and 240)






finishing the smugglers quest and killing Botan. Start by talking to a smuggler near a smuggler post.



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BTW, koonshi, I think it'd be better if the 8 upgrades are actually called "Xsotan Artifact I" etc -

until I went digging through the lua I had no clue these things were the artifacts I was supposed to deliver to the artifact mission, which means I'd miss the dialogue with the 4 which is clearly meant to hint you toward the way to get to the core.

There's not really any way in the game to know except guessing - you don't get them from the Xsotan, and they're just called a number.

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I actually prefer it this way - the game is more of a puzzle to be unraveled rather than something that holds your hand along the way.

By the way, i hit project exodus. Found no powerups, but there were system blocks of huge ships full of resources.

10 million xanion in a single block.

I prefer it this way too, I'm just saying a piece of the puzzle is missing. It makes sense that, if a mission asks you to bring Xsotan Artifacts somewhere, something in the game gives you an indication of what a Xsotan artifact actually is  :P I thought it was some kind of rare cargo drop you could only find in the core or something.



Haven't managed to find Exodus yet, ran into an empty system again, so I think I'll wait for a patch  :) Only that one and the merchant one to go.  ;D





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