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[ Dutch ] Translation Review Requested


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Hi there,


Being a bilingual Dutch-English native speaker, I've looked at and translated a big chunk of the strings listed in the translation project. Please review them and tell me what you think and where improvement is needed.


Some terms are surprisingly hard to find a good translation for, and it happens to the silliest words and phrases. Like "Turret Slots" for the life of me is untranslatable, or if you try to literally translate it, will sound very hacky and anglicised, so I changed it to "Plaats voor Torens" instead. I hope that makes sense.


I also ran into a problem with this specific key, which quotes as being used as

of the ${title} ${name} as in: you're talking to the system' of the Shipyard Luna41'
, but in Dutch you can't translate that into a single phrase, because depending on what exactly the word is that gets inserted into ${title}, you need to use either the article "de" or "het"... so there's no single translation, unfortunately, and choosing one means ${title}s using the other article will look really stupidly out of place.

So I chose to go with the safe bet, and add no article. So the translation of

of the ${title} ${name}
is now
van ${title} ${name}
, which if translated back, semantically means
of ${title} ${name}
. I need to test in-game if this works, or if that messes up the grammar even more than "just choosing one article and rolling with it when the wrong one gets applied" depending on the value for ${title}.


I ran into a similar problem with this entry. This one, however, cannot be avoided by omitting an article. So I stuck with "het" for now, as the example state "the Freighter" which would be "het Vrachtschip" so I'm hoping there are no "de" words that will be inserted as ${title} wherever this is used in-game. But really we need a better way to handle this, for example include "de" and "het" in de ${title}s themselves rather than in these kinds of entries, where it's unknown what the nature of ${title} will be.


I've gone through 11 out of the 73 50-entry pages now. I think I'm done for today, and also I want to play some more of the actual game myself lest I be even more spoilt about discussions regarding these mysterious Xsotan and whatever is at the Galactic Core...



Please discuss any further remarks here!



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  • 3 months later...

A quick word on this.


In the years working for steam dutch translation, I find the solution for this seems odd but actually makes sense when you think about it.


You would think you can not translate it but the truth of the matter is that this is an issue in sentence structure differences.


"the" can be omitted in that case as "the" should in this case travel with the subject name. Not the sentence it is currently in. I am not aware if those strings are separated from naming strings but I would assume they are.


In any case when you find a string like that it should be safe enough to ignore the word "the".

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At first guys im glad to see you doing this things... nice work.

i translated game into turkish all by myself... and i had realy hard times....

* Turret / Tower  Luckyly we have something "Taret" for guns with movable heads...

* Discarded "the" word from all because there is no such thing in turkish like "the" Ex: Ship = Gemi , The ship = Gemi. Same thing.

* Notice n Beware Plurals. Ex: "Tool" - "Tools".  in TR: "Alet" - "Aletler"

In sentence : "need 5 tools" or  "need 1 tool"

In Turkish : "5 adet Alet gerekli" or "1 Adet Alet gerekli" used with "Adet" = "Pcs". Just think in a different way proper to your language.

we dont using plurals in plural sentences Weird... anyways..

* There are possessive things like "Of the" or " Of" Now things getting realy complex.. in TR we have "nin" "nun" "nan" "nın" "nen" etc etc...

Just change your perspective. State sentence's meaning.. u will see lots of  "Of bottan" "of Xsotan"

*** Few things *** hope they will be helpfull

- i tried to make fixings on translate before i finished the whole translation - Fucked up badly do not do that. Finish translate and start your fixings.

- While doing corrections started from main menu and than i jump into a creative game and played whole game. Every time Stoped when i found a miss text or spelling error. i fixed it and returned to game.

- There are some internal errors in game, some of those sentences are not declared in po files. so dont be mad about it.

- sometimes game not reading your translated senctences idont know why. but dont worry just restart. it works!!

- Hope everything goes well!


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