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[ English ] Language Optimisation Effort

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Hi there,


I'm a native English speaker and I've noticed some cases where the game language could be improved. What comes closes to mind is when the game states that you have received "certain goods" and that the "good" was added to your Inventory.


Now, "goods" is definitely applicable, but "good" doesn't work like that - you can't use it in singular form*) like you use the word "goods".


I would propose the alternative "commodities" as "commodity" can definitely be used in singular form, and also it sounds a little more descriptive - "goods" can be juuust a little bit on the vague side, where commodities is more succinct.


For this and other instances, I would love to help. But, the translations project server doesn't include English itself as a language.


I'd love to help improve the grammar, spelling and use of language and phrases to give the game just that little bit more polish.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post,




*) While I realise that etymologically, it is technically possible to say "I have received a good", to use the singular form of goods with the same intention of "goods", but in singular, is simply unnatural and sounds very weird to a native's ears. Or... eyes? Can words sound like something to my eyes when I read them? I digress - the word could be changed to not have to even discuss this semantics problem in the first place. ;)

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I'm gonna add a list of things I found in the English phrasing that needs correcting here.


The phrase

I was Bottan's chief engineer. As such, I know everyhting about his hyperspace engine. It was me who integrated the Xsotan Technology into the ship.
from /data/scripts/entity/story/smugglerengineer.lua contains a typo: "everyhting" should be changed to "everything".




I will update this post as I find more issues.

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 @Shrooblord, I have posted the beginnings of a British English localisation mod. I am not a native speaker, but I prefer my English to be more civilised if I can help it.

So far I have fixed the spelling of several terms, such as Aluminium etc., and rephrased a few AI dialogues. It is not intended as a literal, professional translation, and as such I have taken the liberty of changing a few things beyond mere translation.

I will go over the "goods/commodities" at some point, that is something that irks me too.

Also, and this is mainly for @koonschi and the rest of the devs, I have found a few issues with phrases that have no option for translation, and also some items get sorted based on their original order (for example, "Maize" is sorted under "C" for "corn" not "M" in some places, and does not get translated everywhere in the Maize farm's trade configuration menu). Feel free to post or PM me if you need more detailed information.


Find it here if you're interested: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2160397457

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