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French translation


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Hi there.


We are actually 2 working on the french translation on translate.avorion.net to make it the best. But we encounter some issues about french grammar due to variables for names, and also, it seems that there is noone validating the translations anymore.


Also, many things are translated differently and some of the oldest are pretty inaccurate, so when exporting the .po file for ingame testing, it looks like the export function choose the oldest or randomly.


We are close to be done, so we will enjoy if we could discuss about it :)


Have a nice day

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Well, Binsanity barely said everything so I can only add that I agree .. lol


I just want to insist on the fact that we need someone to validate, and I hope you (devs) can find someone soon or later because it's all we need for the translation to be done :3



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First, thank you for this awesome game.


Second, I love the game so much that I think more people should be able to play it. To that purpose, I translated a significant bunch of entries lately. French translation is almost done and could be completely finished really soon (I think 1 month max).


BUT, there are A LOT of pending translations, waiting for approval. Since several months... That's sad.


I would be happy to help and review these translations. But I do not know how to do it.

Can someone help ?




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Translation is done. 100% of the entries have been translated. But a lot are still pending (40%).


I will now review some of them (to see if wording can be improved or harmonized), but I still need some solutions for approval. Please :)


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