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Fighter Update Patch 2

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Patch 0.14.1


Date: September 14th, 2017



  • Added more tips about fighters to loading screen
  • Added an icon for fighter factory



"Fighters shouldn't cost as much as an entire ship, so we reduced both the material prices for production and the normal costs of fighters."

  • Drastically reduced material costs of fighters
  • Reduced impact of velocity and size on fighter prices



"Bug reports by users are, as always, marked with [uBR]. Thank you guys for helping, testing and contributing. Keep it up!"

  • [uBR] Fixed several performance issues in hangar when lots of productions are active
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue that led to durability of fighters degrading
  • [uBR] Fixed stolen cargo being picked up even though cargo bay is configured otherwise
  • [uBR] Fixed dumped cargo rotating strangely
  • Fixed a crash in fighter factory
  • [uBR] Fixed inventory selection item highlights sometimes being white boxes in fighter factory


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