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Alliance Fleet Catalog


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Welcome to Catalog of the Alliance Shipyards

On this catalog i want to present you the newest fleet creations.

Mantis Class


Class: Corvette/Escortship


Earlygame 4 Slot Corvette




    2x Open Slots for Shieldgenerator

    6x Weaponmounts (2x Nose, 2x Upper Wings, 2x Lower Wings)


    Detailed Bridge

    Bluetooth and W-Lan Hotspot 😛



(Blockcount: 14229)


Main Information


    Mass: 28.4 kt

    Vol.: 691.48 k m³


    HP: 3306 (Iron/Titanium Hull)

    Shields: 11010 (Raw, 2 Upgradeslots Midships available)





    Max. Speed: 486 m/s

    Yaw: 0.9 rad/s

    Roll: 0.78 rad/s

    Pitch: 0.97 rad/s



Building Costs


    Credits: 165.589


    Iron: 19.711

    Titanium: 7.472



Additional Information


    Cargo: 44.1 t

    Full Crewpay: ~16200 Credits



*Designed for the planed Cloakability

*Tested in Gamemode Hard to Center 0.0 (Included Resizing and Upgrading)


Link and also more pictures(Don`t forget a Thumb when you like it^^):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131601715



Leviathan Carrier


Class: Heavy Carrier


Heavy 15 Slot Carrier




    Massive Upgradeslots (Sort for Frame/Grids in Buildingmode)

  2x Very Large CoAx Weaponmounts and other Mounts up to Size 10 !

    Detailed Bridge


(Blockcount: 35732)


Main Information


    Mass: 7.4 Mt

    Vol.: 387.78 Mill. m³


    HP: 4.401.570 (No Upgrades)

    Shields: 2.609.860 (No Upgrades)





    Max. Speed: 1776 m/s

    Yaw: 0.13 rad/s

    Roll: 0.17 rad/s

    Pitch: 0.13 rad/s



Building Costs


    Credits: 97.120.650


    Iron: 2.400.767

    Titanium: 514.244

    Naonit: 2.017.365

    Trinium: 5.494.571

    Xanion: 1.813


Additional Information


    Jumprange: 21.8 (Unmodded)

    Cargo: 100.412 t

    Torp.Cargo: 581


    Fighter: 788-6309 (Enough for Max. Size Avorion Fighters)

    Productions: 3

    Productioncap.: 27534.9/s


    Engineers: 1766

    Mechanics: 2989

    Full Crewpay: ~1.500.000 Credits (With Max. Pilots)




*Tested in Gamemode Hard to Center 0.0


Link and also more pictures(Don`t forget a Thumb when you like it^^):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1722481416



Architeuthis Class


Class: Frigate/Escortship


Early Gamestage 7 Slot Frigate




    Massive Upgradeslots (Sort for Frame in Buildingmode, See Last Screenshot)

    Free Hangar Slot in Top of Ship (Remove Flightrecorder/Blackbox)

    Detailed Bridge

    Attention: Torpedobuild (02.22.17, Betabranch required)



(Blockcount: 26987)


Main Information


    Mass: 222.38 kt

    Vol.: 6.43 Mill. m³


    HP: 18027 (Iron Hull)





    Max. Speed: 1002 m/s

    Yaw: 0.35 rad/s

    Roll: 0.56 rad/s

    Pitch: 0.36 rad/s



Building Costs


    Credits: 543.322


    Iron: 108.767

    Titanium: 29.876



Additional Information


    Cargo: 1340.2 t

    Torp.Cargo: 112

    Full Crewpay: ~38.250 Credits



*Tested in Gamemode Hard to Center 0.0 (Included Resizing and Upgrading)


Link and also more pictures(Don`t forget a Thumb when you like it^^):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1338213342



Nebuchadnezzar Class


Class: Destroyer/Heavy Escort


Early Gamestage 7 Slot Destroyer




    Enough Interior Buildspace to Upgrade the Ship up to Avorion

    Free Hangar Slot in Front of Ship

    Interior is Flyable with your Drone

    City in a Bubble (No hidden Kitten!) 😛



(Blockcount: 13712)


Main Information


    Mass: 195.83 kt

    Vol.: 5.6 Mill. m³


    HP: 18012 (Iron Hull)





    Max. Speed: 733 m/s

    Yaw: 0.15 rad/s

    Roll: 0.25 rad/s

    Pitch: 0.16 rad/s



Building Costs


    Credits: 383.171


    Iron: 82.558

    Titanium: 19.077



Additional Information


    Cargo: 1885.1 t

    Full Crewpay: ~140000 Credits



*Tested in Gamemode Hard to Center 0.0 (Included Resizing and Upgrading)


Link and also more pictures(Don`t forget a Thumb when you like it^^):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1117440355



Paladin Class


Class: Heavy Battleship/Dreadnought


Heavy 15 Slot Battleship for Trinium/Xanion Stage




    Enough space for upgrading

    Detailed City (Find the Kitten!)

    Nothing for the poor ppls 😛 ^^



(Blockcount: 57963)


Main Information


    Mass: 2.74 Mt

    Vol.: 151.42 Mill. m³


    HP: 752063 (Titanium Hull)

    Shields: 419225 (Raw)





    Max. Speed: 1017 m/s

    Yaw: 0.16 rad/s

    Roll: 0.53 rad/s

    Pitch: 0.18 rad/s



Building Costs


    Credits: 32.031.342


    Iron: 177.693

    Titanium: 402.416

    Naonite: 1.589.628

    Trinium: 2.104.389

    Xanion: 2.143 (Weaponmounts)



Additional Information


    Cargo: 18953.1 t

    Fighters: 109-873

    Jumprange: 29.5 Sectors

    Full Crewpay LvL3: ~1.600.000 Credits

    Tip: In normal playmode get the crew before, ~1000LvL3 Mechanics, ~99LvL3 Engineers



*Tested in Gamemode Hard to Center 0.0 (Included Resizing and Upgrading)


Link and also more pictures(Don`t forget a Thumb when you like it^^):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127902962




More creations will follow..

Edited by Black®
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Flew alongside these and can confirm, great work on the roundish shapes and details (the dreadnought featureing a whole City on top and such)... very nice work, more to come! And on the workshop ofc, let rain the thumb-up-buttons!  8)

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  • 5 months later...

Whoa, the curves on that Architeuthis are incredible ! The other ships too but I definitely imagine the people on MP starting to yell hax when they see it, or wondering if they found a shader bug ;D !

The Mantis is also way cool: who drives a four-slot, flak corvette-sized 14 229 block ship 8) ?! An entire fleet of 'em would kill a server :o.

    Bluetooth and W-Lan Hotspot :P
D'aww ;D


Nice spinal mounts for the Paladin, I'm waiting for them too ! And the end of the no-damage server overload bug that stopped my campaign :(.

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Thank you  ;D

And never forget a Bluetooth & W-Lan Hotspot, otherwise noone can use the Chat *Just kidding xD


I tested them also on one of my G-Portal servers, and well...




1x Paladin

2x Architeuthis

5x Mantis

(Total Blockcount 183082).


Everyone has to wait 7-12 Seconds when my Fleet enters the Sector.

"Oh, no Black is coming"  8) Muhahaha ^^



After the Fleet arrives it seems to works fine for "most" of them with strong CPUs,

everyone else with a weaker CPU then i5... well ups  ^^

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you all :)


I´m happy you like my builds and i hope you have as much fun with them like me ^^

@Rudolf, i like that idea :>



Next one will be a Carrier, larger, and well.. more expensive then the Paladin,

at the moment he`s at ~24k blocks ( I´m tried to hold the blockcount as low as possible.. tried ^^ ), just some details and the top is missing.


After i tested the carrier in all ways on survival he will be released aswell :)

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you all and sorry for the long delay on answer (Real Life^^) <3


@Riftmaster, yes it`s actual ~30k Blocks (but i will try to lower the Block Count until release).

Roundings and Details eats a lot block counts ^^


The Build on Screen is a Large Carrier with individual Turrets/Coaxial Weapon and a max of all Squadrons of Large Avorion Fighters.

Its currently on Testing Phase for Release where i build it in Survival/Hard Game Mode.

The Build will be Released after beating the End Boss with it at 0;0 like all my other builds :)



^On this way i will be able to give you Content who works also on Survival Mode.

In my case of view everyone who is hitting the subscribe button has to get content who is easy to manage and handle for his state :) ^^

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  • 8 months later...
  • 2 years later...

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