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[Mod][0.26.x] ScrapyardPlus (v2.1.0) *** Respawning wrecks have arrived!!! ***


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Thank you for taking the time to update the mod!


You're welcome.

Did some more tweaks and restructures. Nothing gameplay wise, so v1.3.2 users can skip the current release.

It's more like some preparation work etc. (and learning travisCI  ;D)


Ahh yeah I figured that the new stuff wasnt in yet, but I like what I saw and cant wait :D


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Would be really nice if you could tell us exactly how that progression bar works once you're at max reputation with a faction, because i'm stuck at like 990k/1M in progression, but there is no salvage left in the yard...


Well it's based of the damage you do when salvaging with a valid license.

1.000.000 seems higher then what I have in the default config (should be 100k) but you should be able to get the missing experience from another scrapyard from the same faction as the experience is shared / tied to the factionIndex and not a single scrapyard.

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  • 11 months later...

"Hell, it's about time!" I'd say.

Finally got around and integrated the respawn mechanics (with the help from the friendly guys on Discord, thanks!) and updated the core files to be compatible with steam workshop.

So if you prefer the easy one-click solution, just head over HERE and subscribe and maybe leave a like & comment, much appreciated!


Fly safe o/


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I modified the respawn mechanics a little. Starting line 426 in scrapyard.lua:

    -- we need more minerals
    if highTrafficSystem and modConfig.enableRegen then
        highTrafficTimer = highTrafficTimer + timeStep
        if highTrafficTimer >= modConfig.regenSpawntime * 60 then
		-- limiting to 50 new wrecks after OOS-break :)
		local maxnewwrecks = 50
		if highTrafficTimer >= modConfig.regenSpawntime * 60 * maxnewwrecks then
			highTrafficTimer = modConfig.regenSpawntime * 60 * maxnewwrecks
            Scrapyard.debug("Time is up, creating new event for high-traffic system")
            -- spawn new ship
            if station then
                station:addScript('data/scripts/events/scrapyardplus', 'high-traffic')
            -- '-' regenSpawntime might work better for OOS repopulation of an empty Scrapyard,
            -- setting the timer to 0 would mean 1 wreck - that's a joke after an hour break :)
            highTrafficTimer = highTrafficTimer - modConfig.regenSpawntime * 60

Well, it's quick'n'dirty, but you see the changes :)

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On 10/4/2020 at 3:36 AM, H3draut3r said:

will this mod only work on 0.2.6x? i would love, if you could update it to 1.2+ 😉

There is a workshop version of this mod. Comments look like its also not compatible anymore... you may try at your own risk.



If you just need respawning wreckages you may try this:


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