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NPC station interaction:



Hi! I'm barely begun, but there's one QoL improvement that would make me very happy (having a Captain do your strip mining for you is the biggest, and great big kudos for that!)


When you're interacting with an NPC station, closing the dialog backs you right out of the station interaction. You have to start again at "F to dock". Would it be possible for ESC-ing (or clicking close) out of a 'Hire crew' or trade interface take you back one step to the 'automated interaction system' intro so you can switch between, say, buying turrets and buying other systems, without having to redock? And while you're in that system, could the 'Good day. You are talking....' text come up instantly, rather than via some 1970s teletype :) ? Just not having to wait for that to be typed out would make the pain of constant redocking less.


It would also be helpful if the most recently opened/clicked-into window had focus and was brought into the foreground.


Looking good though, for early access! Very much enjoying having the AI run out of things to mine in successive systems! So nice not to have to play the seams out myself :)









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