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Beta Branch Patchnotes 0.12.7

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Patch 0.12.7


Date: July 16th, 2017


We've added some performance improvements to battles that take place near the galaxy core - We've identified a major performance issue and resolved it.


Technical Background for those interested:

In faction battles there would ships spawning with 50 to 100 turrets, leading to thousands of turrets (~1300 for a single battle near the barrier) to be spawned.

Turrets have to be updated a lot and they require careful and thus intense calculations.

These calculations include ray-intersection with the ship they're on as well as turning (meaning sine and cosine calculations which are expensive).

We were faced with the fact that these calculations simply couldn't be optimized any further, and we thus had to reduce the amounts of turrets on normal AI ships to 10 - 15.

In turn we added a multiplier for damage dealt, so that the ships will still gain more strength, even if their turret amounts no longer grow towards the center of the galaxy.



  • Fixed a major performance issue for armed ships near the barrier and the center of the galaxy
    • Large AI ships in the center of the galaxy no longer spawn with 50+ turrets
    • These ships now have less turrets but the turrets deal more damage so the lesser turrets are compensated

Scripting API

  • Added a property to Entity that allows setting a damage multiplier for that specific entity


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