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Beta Branch Patchnotes 0.12.5

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Patch 0.12.5


Date: July 8th, 2017


This time the patch took us a little longer - we had some trouble pinning down the bug that would randomly (and I mean, randomly) teleport asteroids and stations through the sector, resulting in them intersecting, which would in turn deteriorate performance a lot. But we fixed it, and if nothing else comes up, then this patch and the Alliances update will most likely make it onto the stable branch very soon!



  • Added auto-pay crew for alliances
  • Alliances have the same initial relations as their founder


  • Galaxy map territory is now updated in colors of the currently flown ship (alliance or player ship)
  • Beta branch warning is now only shown once in main menu after starting the game
    • The warning will still show up every session, but only once per session


  • Improved german localization
  • Improved performance of sector generator
  • Added comment explaining how namespace comment works

Scripting UI

  • Added a Physics component for manipulating physics of an entity



"As always, user bug reports are marked with [uBR]. Thanks again to everybody reporting bugs and helping us improve the game!"

  • [uBR] Fixed stations and asteroids teleporting through the sector
  • [uBR] Fixed stations and asteroids getting stuck into each other forever and destroying performance
  • [uBR] Fixed unnecessary warnings when converting databases to new format
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue in faction database when starting the game in a directory linked via symbolic links
  • [uBR] Fixed faction war side decision triggering wrongly when repairing ships of one side
  • [uBR] Fixed wrong tooltip description for repair beams
  • [uBR] Fixed incorrect spelling of zinc
  • [uBR] Fixed a crash in trading overview upgrade
  • [uBR] Fixed a crash in diplomacy tab when sorting or filtering
  • [uBR] Fixed a few issues with tutorial when creative mode is active
  • Fixed ships sometimes not moving when strafing
  • Fixed scrapyard not working correctly with alliances


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Has there been any consideration into equalizing the work that should have been done in a sector the player is not in?


As i understand it, such sectors are updated at a greatly reduced rate for the sake of efficiency. Therefore if i create a captained mining ship and set it to mine in a sector and depart in search of adventure, i would expect the miner to gather resources at the same rate regardless of a player's presence.


In some tests i did in single player i noticed a vastly reduced rate of harvesting from my miner if i was not in-sector. So i assume that the reduced update rate is what is causing that.


Perhaps a simple way implement sectors wherein there are mining entities would be to abstract the ai action away to a "+N Minerals/Jump" or something like that through analysis of player created ships with a captain set to mine. For instance you could count the number of mining turrets * their strength and factor in the speed of the ship and the asteroids in a sector and come up with "+1300 Titanite, +32 Iron per Jump. %64 Titanite, %88 Iron left.", which you could see if you were to hover over the sector summary from the map (which would have a little mining symbol on it or something to indicate your investment there).


I'm thinking per jump to avoid the obvious exploit of leaving your computer on overnight and coming back to a boatload of minerals. It will also encourage exploration.


So yeah any thoughts around that? Thanks :D

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