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Beta Branch Patchnotes 0.12.4

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Patch 0.12.4


Date: June 28th, 2017



We've added backwards compatibility for previous default branch saves. Since we're still testing this feature, we highly recommend making a backup of your save before loading it in the beta branch. While we couldn't find any errors on our side, experience has shown that you guys are way better at finding issues like that, so we want to be sure that no data is lost when loading your old saves. In order to guarantee that, a backup is made of every file that needs conversion.



  • Removed collaboration component since Alliances replace this functionality
  • Added experimental backwards compatibility for saves created in the beta branch
    • A backup of the sector file will be created before converting, so no data will be lost if the conversion fails
    • Please report conversion errors in the forum or via the bugtracker so we can fix them!

    [*]Independent turrets now get their targets assigned by the server and no longer search them on the client

    [*]Mining and Salvaging AI commands now no longer continue when there was a player entering the ship


  • Broken scripts are removed from scriptable objects on when loaded from database


  • Trading routes tab is disabled when trading module doesn't support it
  • Added a Beta Branch notification when starting the game

Scripting API

  • Added a new "onPlanModifiedByBuilding" callback for when the Plan component is modified through building



"As usual, user bug reports are marked with [uBR]. Thanks guys!"

  • [uBR] Fixed tooltip and default values of hyperspace upgrades
  • [uBR] Fixed a crash when loading corrupted groups file
  • [uBR] Fixed default server port not being able to be set via settings.ini
  • [uBR] Fixed several occurrences of non-random initialization of stations
  • [uBR] Fixed a crash in AI orders script when assigning guard order
  • [uBR] Fixed trading overview not showing factory items
  • [uBR] Fixed trading overview tooltips
  • [uBR] Fixed an error in trading overview when max stock of a station's good is 0
  • [uBR] Fixed several divisions by zero crashing trading upgrade
  • [uBR] Fixed trading post not refreshing its UI
  • [uBR] Fixed a crash in building mode related to deletion of all blocks
  • [uBR] Fixed a few crashes when clicking on SavedShipsWindow buttons while having a plan selected that's not yet loaded
  • [uBR] Fixed independent turrets having different targets on client and server
  • [uBR] Fixed independent turrets not working when co-op piloting a ship
  • [uBR] Fixed independent turrets sometimes not shooting on the client
  • [uBR] Fixed brake thrust of ships being 0 in stats overview in shipyard
  • [uBR] Fixed salvaging or mining AI commands not stopping when there is no longer a captain
  • Fixed a huge server performance issue when undoing a ship transformation to a big ship in the building mode
  • Fixed inconsistent selected object when entering a ship
  • Eliminate pirate mission terminates itself when there is no location (which happens mostly after server crashes)
  • Fixed speed particles being visible in strategy mode
  • Improved german translation


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