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How to Backup saves?

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First let me start with a sorry if there is already a thread about this, I used search and found nothing useful. The search is kind of abysmal, searing "how to backup" and it highlights every instance of the word "to", even within other words; the word "how" in "show", etc.


I see people talk about backing up their save/galaxy (I guess it's the same thing? I could use confirmation). Is it as simple as going to %appdata% and making a copy of the galaxy? I just want to start doing this and making sure I'm doing it right, after a crash that caused an improper save corrupted it beyond all repair.

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After a lot of thrashing around in Explorer (or whatever W10 calls it these days) I wondered if a more complete path might help someone else find where the Galaxies are saved (at least on my machine)...




%user% is a placeholder for the user name you're logged on as.

AppData is a hidden folder so you'll need to be showing hidden items to be able to see it.

%galaxyname% is a placeholder for the name of the galaxy as you set it up in the creation dialog in-game.


I assume you have to make a copy of the whole subfolder tree to back up the selected galaxy (or a copy of the whole ...\galaxies\... subfolder tree if you want to make a copy of every galaxy you've created that still exists).

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