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Galaxy size definable



I like to be able to start a game with a different size galaxy between limits


you can choose between


x 1000 and X 250

Y 1000 and Y 250


I know this will be hard since you have some hard coded limits in the LUA scripts but can't you change those by calls to the Server().GetGalaxyDimensions or something ?

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I feel that this is a very tricky thing in regards to the gameplay.

There are a lot of story missions that are located in a specific ring around the center of the galaxy. Resizing the galaxy could then result in very small areas, which might hinder the spawning of story related things and might throw the balance off. But I would also admit that there are parts of the balancing which could use a bit of adjustment at the moment.

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You are not wrong, however, looking through the lua scripts code the game seems very tight coupled to them.  Avorion is a great sandbox, with the right mechanics, where we could basically build any kind of gameplay in.  So decouple all scripts that have to deal with the story from required to optional and moreover configurable and we come into all new terrain.


Suppose you got the following directory setup







The official directory holds all the scripts and mechanics to play the current story in Avorion.  However when I delete the Mods folder whole, avorion would still work.  You can go to stations, mine, get attacked by pirates and aliens.  Just the story won't be there.  Then I can change the galaxy size however I like, cause you could still play the game in any size (within reason you need minimum sizes).  If you then could setup the story with parameters, the story could adapt itself to any size as well.  It's another kind of design.  One that I think is possible within the constraints there are right now.  However ... it's a LOOOOOT of work, pretty sure the lead developer doesn't have that time :(


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I agree with celludriel, it sounds like it could work in theory, but is a sort of.. late development kind of idea.


Personally I'd love to see something like this. Rather than the same old, equal dimension spiral galaxies. It'd be awesome to see some galaxies stretched thin or wide, or of different types like irregular galaxies. Even some that although still kinda smooth in shape, are not spherical at all, but more of a blob like a bean, or.. Idk.. try frying an egg and tell be what shape the outside makes xD

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