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[General] translation site is not compatibility on Asian language

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The translation site that was opened this time seems to be opened in the state of insufficient understanding of Asian language.




Fabric = 천 korean

              布 chinese & japenese


this is 1 character


but minimum number of characters is limited.


the syntax of many languages in Asia is completely different from that of the West, so the current site can not translate correctly.


Thank you for your efforts to translate.


But I would like to have a way to MODE the steam workshop if possible.


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Thanks for your question. I guess you are talking about the 'Warning: Lengths of source and translation differ too much.'?

That is a general warning system, that tries to direct the attention of the language admins towards potentially faulty strings.

This is, however, not an error, but rather a warning, and can be accepted anyway.


We will appoint language admins once we have enough translation suggestions for the respective language.


What do you mean with MODEing the steam workshop?

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