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Windowed vs Borderless - Graphics

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And so I'm not sure where to post this kind of.


I have multiple monitors, and I want the game to be borderless on a precise monitor. I know other games have all these settings so it's not impossible to do, nevertheless currently I'm stuck with windowed (which I need to make smaller than the keep an eye on due to it not being able to resize), or simply borderless on what Windows considers this main monitor.


It would be nice in the event that 'windowed' is actually windowed and not which has a set resolution, so you can resize the idea, maximize it, etc .


Anyone has learned if I'm missing something a place? If this is at all possible in the current game, and also if this needs to be added?

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  • Developer

You can set the monitor to use in the launch options of Avorion. Go to the Avorion properties and type "--display 1" in the field at the launch options to start the game on your second monitor.

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Uhm, where exactly to add that line? If i try Steam - rightclick on Avorion - Properties - Starting Options and add that my game wont open anymore?


EDIT: Nvm, there are two "--" ! Working as expected, ty!!  :P

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This OP is a completely generic cut-and-paste question that could be added to any general forum of any PC game ever. It is, in other words, spam - designed to pass on the link in the post.


Report please.

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