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Odd Invisible Block In Build Mode


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Used COPY on a group of blocks.


Used PASTE and tried to place the group at a desired location and couldn't. (LMB)


Used ALT, to try and specify where the paste should happen. (LMB)


Couldn't paste still, (got a red block "Can't place here" indicator).


When I MMB clicked over the visibly EMPTY area near my ship, where I wanted to place the copy, I found multiple "invisible" blocks, that could be deleted like any other. All I could see was the block edge Hi-lite, when clicked on.


The invisible blocks could also be deleted in any order, without needing to be "attached" to another block.



Didn't get a screenshot, but will try to reproduce again and send one.

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If you can reproduce the issue, then you should also add your server and client logs, as well as the xml for the ship with the invisible blocks still attached.


I'll see what I can do. I've been sending gigs of data back to Koonschi, over the last month, including dump files. Hopefully, I'll catch the problem again and can email it to him.





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once invisible blocks start happening on copy paste usually for me a crash is soon to follow. started manually restarting when it happens. they appear after reconnecting to the server. and even before that, you can still select an interact with them.


only started seeing it on 0.10.5


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I came across the same thing on the weekend I was building a new ship in single player creative and every time I copy pasted a set or even a singular block it would place when I clicked but be invisible. If I placed more than one block that way though I could delete just one of the pasted blocks and the others would appear. Leaving build mode and coming back didn't fix it either. I had to quit and relaunch the game or re copy the original blocks again and paste a fresh set each time I copy pasted.

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A side note, if you're selecting a connection point with ALT held down in paste mode, you do *not* have to click on it! That's messed up my selections from time to time until I realized I only have to point at the block to highlight it.

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This happened to me today.


Happened a number of times when using copy/paste with larger blocks or sections.


The blocks get pasted but are invisible. You can actually center mouse select and delete them away, and they are present on the ship. Sometimes pasting blocks in another section will make them appear. Sometimes I have to exit out of the builder and re-enter. The blocks will still be invisible, but will appear as soon as I start attaching other things. It's not a case of nothing there, just no textures appearing on the placed blocks from what I can see. Or not see...


Most noticeable after I've done three or four sections, acts like it runs out of memory or something similar as pasting/deleting slows down quite a bit and it all starts to lag. Once the blocks appear, it seems to work OK until it does it again. Once it starts again it's a case of having to exit/re-enter the build mode.


I have not had any crashes due to this, it's an inconvenience but it is recoverable with a little finagling. I haven't lost a ship design or anything either.


Logs attached. Will the XML matter if the problem has been corrected on my current ship..?


If it happens again that I have to exit the builder, I will exit the game and find the XML and post it hopefully with the invisible sections intact.




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