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Single Player - Connection Refused: This server is private


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Hey there,

Downloaded the game after suggesting it to a friend this afternoon but it doesn't seem like I can actually start a single player game, I'm just getting the error mentioned in the title. Now I've port forwarded and rebooted just to make sure but that doesn't seem to have helped.

Here's my system details:

Windows 10 Home

AMD Radeon 6950 GFX Card

AMD FX-8320 8-Core Processor


I've attached both Client and Server logs for the errors. Hope you can help!

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  • Boxelware Team

Forwardings ports isn't necesary, except if you're expecting connections from outside your LAN.


I have a suspicion what it might be.

Please follow these exact steps:

1. Make sure that AvorionServer.exe is NOT running (kill it with task manager or reboot)

2. In the game settings, change your player name to a name that is accepted by the game

3. Delete all your galaxies

4. Start a new galaxy (if I'm right with my suspicion, then at this point it should work)

5. If you get the error again, exit the game, make sure to kill AvorionServer.exe again

6. After you're absolutely sure all that no more Avorion or AvorionServer is running, send me all logfiles you can find


Hope to help. Let's squish this bug.

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