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Avorion Demo 0.8.2 is out!

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Hey guys,


The new demo version 0.8.2 is out. It took a little longer than expected, but I've been busy and it's a slightly bigger patch than ususally.


The main new demo features are:

- A tutorial

- Completely reworked mouse steering

- Better graphics


You can, as always, download it here: http://www.avorion.net/?section=downloads

See the full patch log here: http://www.avorion.net/?section=news


As always, feedback is important and appreciated. If you find bugs or have something to say, please tell me!


Happy playing!

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  Well I think your graphics look better and the lighting can be extreme in some systems put I kind of like that its like your closer to the sun. Your tutorial works fairly well, however I was a able to mess it up when I used a saved ship in the build mode portion of the tutorial. Probably not a huge problem but I thought I would bring it up, and if you do that in the tutorial you will have to restart the game. I love that you add the strafing up and down, but can you please but the option for those buttons to strafe up and down and side to side in the keyboard controls too. I relay prefer the keyboard mode over mouse mode most of the time. It makes docking big ships much easier. Anyway looking good, and I say take your time.

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