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Launcher problems


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When i started launcher at first time it worked really good. And at the next day i can't even start it! All what i can see is console and white launcher window less then second and then it disappear. And i can't play any more. ;(

and if i try to launch game by using avorion.exe thet is in lbin it crates error.

"please start the launcher with the provided link" and in console ''expected Launcer to be located in ''c:\games\avorion\lbin\lbin\launcher.exe"" i played lust time 25.07.2015 and i cant play now.


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It allways need administrator rights. i do not know why but when i strart it console apear but it is empty. if i try launch launcer.exe(c:\games\avorion \lbin\launcher.exe) it creates error and in console file adress is c:\games\avorion\lbin\lbin\launcher.exe i think problem is \LBIN\LBIN in script but ther is no 2 files lbin

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  • Boxelware Team

In your %Appdata% folder (just type %appdata% in your explorer path bar) there should be a folder called Avorion, and there there should be a file launcherlog.txt. Please start the launcher from the start menu, and then after it crashed post the logfile in the forum.


Have you tried starting the game with the Avorion Launcher.lnk file that is in the installation folder?

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I start game by using file shortcut(c:\games\avorion\avorion launcher.exe) . I tryed to reinstall for few times. And i tryed to start game fom game files.

and i want to say thet the launcher starts and disappear so fast so i can't even make a screenshot

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