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[r7656] Server performance crippled during end-boss fight


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Players are reporting serious amounts of server lag resulting in high pings while someone is fighting the 0,0 boss.

It seems to become even worse when multiple players are fighting the boss at the same time.


Would it help to increase the worker/generator threads?

If so, could you explain what they do since I haven't been able to find any information about this.

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Sometimes, after an other player jumps into the sector, weapons do not longer damage enemies

-> Relog -> fixed. Dunno why.


Lag with >2 peoples see screenshot


despawning drops: after 5(?) minutes everybody can pickup everything.

Lets assume they are fighting and fighting and fighting all the npc... and at some point, somebody decide to loot.

he loots everything...

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ahaha such a noob. yes, after a short amount of time everything despawns.

5 mins until loot is available for everybody

10 mins until loot/resources despawn

30 mins until wreckage despawn

if i remember correctly


its not your fault if they wait so long. as told before and in discord, they stack npc until server starts lagging and wait until it despawns because of reasons and cry afterwards :D

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