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[r7633] Bug in server overview


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I can't connect to our servers through the server overview, after connecting it gives the message that the server is on version 10.2 instead of running on 10.4. (See screenshots)

It is possible to connect to the main server by joining the IP directly, but it is not displayed correctly in the server overview since the name of the server should be identical to the description, which is showing correctly.


I'm also having a bit of trouble connecting to the second server we have created, all the ports are configured to be +5 of the default port but I have read changing the polling port will make the server unreachable so should I keep that on the default port and won't that interfere with our main server?


Here is a screenshot:




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After some further testing my only conclusion is that the overview is still very buggy.


After refreshing a couple times our server name changes into another name, when you try to connect it will connect to that other server instead of our own.

When the name is good but the other settings such as difficulty and the current version is showing I am able to connect fine, but that is a very rare occasion since 9/10 I get the message that it's still on version 10.2 which it definately is not.

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  • Developer

The server you want to join has to match the version of your own game, you can't join a server that's behind your revision. They probably enabled listing via the command line, which now leads to the servers showing up in the list. This should be fixed automatically when the patch for the default branch hits.

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Our server is updated to the latest beta release but I can still not connect to it through the overview.

The message that the server is outdated is false, I can connect fine through the IP.

This also applies for others trying to connect to our server through the overview.

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Traced the issue, authentication needs to be turned on.

It would show the correct player count before without it but now appears to be required for the server overview.

The normal direct connect overview shows the correct amount without authentication.

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