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Beta Branch Patchnotes


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  • Boxelware Team



Date: February 17th, 2017


Hello everybody,


Time for another beta feature patch! More bugfixes will be incoming soon, but I thought it'd be most important to get the features out first to get your feedback quickly.




Let's start with the most important topic first: Thrusters. Your feedback on the thruster change has been pretty clear. A few words from my side on this whole situation: Avorion is not hard sci-fi, but it still has newtonian physics. Ships have a mass, and forces move the ships. These physics are somewhat simplified (so you can build for style), for example engines apply their forces always at the middle of the ship, otherwise the ship would fly in circles if it's not perfectly symmetric.


I want players to feel the physics, without giving them too much of a headache when it comes to ship building. But you also have to understand that it actually is suicidal to burn through an asteroid with a speed of 500+ m/s (which is, actually, 1800 km/h or ~1120 mph). Braking a ship with such speeds should take a while, I don't want an instant stop if you don't have the proper equipment.


That being said, I'll introduce a new block with this patch: Directional thrusters. They work like normal thrusters, have the same power, but all of their power is directed into a single direction. They are not as "ugly" as the other thruster variant, since they only have holes on one side. And you can still cover up the holes and they will still work (remember: simplified physics so you can build for style). I'm pretty sure that these thrusters will cover your needs and they should behave a lot more clearly than the uniform thruster variant.


Flight Physics


As stated above, the physics of Avorion are somewhat simplified so they're easier to handle, but that also lead to a few situations that feel a little wonky. I revisited the code and removed a lot of the flight simulation simplifications.


The bad news is, that this means that flying will feel a little different at first. You'll see more drift and ships might feel slower, but I've given you the tools (directional thrusters) so you can work that out. With some work on your ships you should be able to get a great flight feel again.


The good news is, that the flight physics will feel a lot more real, and the retrograde burn won't make the ship glitch out of place any more and will work a lot better. I've added a retrograde marker that you can enable for this, if you like. Also, engines are now more powerful, they had some restraints before, so be careful if you built tons of engines!


As always I'll monitor the forums closely so please give feedback on how all this feels to you. But please give it some time, it will be different.


Server Browser


And the other big feature that's now in is the Steam Public Server browser! If you enabled steam networking and listing on your dedicated or hosted server, it will show up in the server list now. It's nothing special, you should be familiar with the concept from tons of other games, but I'm really glad it's finally in.


And now finally a detailed breakdown of the patch notes:



  • Added a new directional thruster block
    • Directional thrusters have the same power as other thrusters, but in a single direction
    • This allows you to build specialized thrusters of any shape
    • Thruster effects for directional thrusters are slightly bigger

    [*]Overhauled thruster, engine, flying and drifting physics

    • Flip 180° and burn in opposite direction works as intended now
    • Improved turning and drifting physics, more realistic and less glitchy
    • Thrusters are more powerful (still not as powerful as engines, but ~65%)
    • Thrusters use up more energy
    • Unchained engines: No more artificial reduction of acceleration (max velocity remains untouched)

    [*]Player ships steer more precisely

    [*]Improved visuals for thrusters


  • Added the server browser
  • Added password protection to servers, password can be specified in the server.ini file
  • Improved changing of query port for servers
  • Connecting to servers with different query ports is possible now
    • When a server is running on, say, IP with query port 27005 (instead of 27003) use server address to connect to it


  • Implemented reconstruction of faction index from files on error
    • This might take some time on first server start, but it should fix the problem with new players being created whenever they relog into the server

    [*]Bad/Unparseable IPs are removed from ip blacklist on startup (only important if you changed the file by hand)

    [*]Implemented adding of IPs to blacklist for steam network server clients

    [*]Fixed an exploit related to chat

    [*]Fixed a server crash when receiving unknown packets

    [*]Added warning messages when potentially dangerous port configurations are detected


  • Client waits for server to start up in singleplayer before it connects, leading to less server unreachable errors if server startup takes some time


  • Fixed buggy braking thrust stats in build mode
  • Added display for center of mass in building mode
  • Added preview for thruster holes in build mode
  • Added a retrograde marker for ships, enable in game settings
  • Some very long tooltips are less wide
  • Lists have a tiny scroll bar



"More bugfixes will be coming soon, I wanted to get features out first to get your feedback. I mostly don't need your feedback on fixed bugs."

  • Fixed a crash when loading corrupt player of faction files
  • Fixed an issue with TCP connections not resolving ips correctly

Bugfixes related to beta branch

  • Fixed a few issues in building mode related to new repair mode


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This guy... this fcking guy is really fcking awesome!


Those thruster changes looks like everything we ever wanted/needed :)  I especially like that you gave us both directional thursters (for lazy people) AND "unchained" main engines, so those who care and are skilled enough can be much faster thanks to utilizing new power of main engines for acceleration AND decceleration - so everybody can be happy now :)  And retrograde marker, so it can be really used effectively... can´t wait for testing.


Just one question though... will be AI able to comprehend those new changes? Or will they crash into things like crazy (even more than now I mean)?

And if I understand correctly, those omnithrusters are still in game? Will be new thrusters used in automatically generated ships?

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если можно будет быстро остановить корабль установив много тормозных двигателей то это хорошо, если же нет то я зря игру купил и оставлю версию которая есть.  надеюсь у двигателей будет не только прямоугольная форма

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Patch is live guys


I already did some testing on my executors, and there is one thing very curious - Patch notes say, that thrusters should have been buffed to about 65% of engines power, but when I loaded my game, and got into the big ship, it basically couldn´t move anymore.

Its main thrust increased DRAMATICALLY (from 40m/s to 108m/s), brake thrust remained unchanged (weird imo) but its pitch, yaw and roll stats basically dropped to 0


Comparison of same ship before and after patch:







Was this intended, or is it some bug or miscalculation?



Same effect occured even on my smaller ship, but atleast it could still turn... but its maneuverability was still reduced by 80% atleast

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Reviewing the changes just now, I cannot understate this enough.



That said. This is not a bad thing. The new thruster power, along with the directional thusters are a huge boon, but you may want to remap your flight controls, as you're going to be using your strafe and pitch controls A LOT more now.


Flying feels much more.. Intuitive to a space game. On the same note, those asteroids you don't like crashing into because you're going too fast? They say hi. They want to give you a hug, maybe invite you over for a candlelight dinner, and then completely plow your face in; and there's no safe word.


Flying into asteroid and debris fields are going to feel a lot like driving into a school zone. You're going to be going slow, and you're going to be making a lot of fine adjustments to not hit every single one of them. That's what space is. You can't blaze in to a station going 50 mph or you're gonna end up looking like the special effects department for Gravity. Slow the heck down, and don't be stupid with your ctrl cam, always recenter and properly orientate it before letting go.


Overall, quite happy with this.

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oh my god... its so unreal hard to fly right now. I am use to being able to turn my ship into a direction and then move in that direction and now it takes forever to change directions. I don't know how to even build a maneuverable ship right now.. my thrusters stats have gone down by like 70%! And they were already lots of area and volume that worked well last patch. I need to pretty much start over building and figure this out lol


Flying tho... not easy at all anymore :(.. but I need to adjust and figure out how to make it easy again because right now I will be colliding with everything at this rate lol

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Wow these changes are way more extensive than I was hoping for! Been flying around for a bit now and this is awesome (though I am paranoid I will misjudge something and crash straight into an asteroid or station). The reduced maneuverability with drastically increased engine acceleration will take some getting used to.


Only thing I feel I need now is, funnily enough, a prograde marker  ;D Can be a bit tricky to judge how quickly you're changing direction sometimes.

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So I seem to have figured out this new system, get high break thrust which is now easy thanks to directional thrusters.. try to get decent yaw/roll/pitch 0.60+ which seems to be much harder to get high on these stats. But then you are able to control your ship much easier using brake and booster to turn sharply.


Takes time but it works pretty good :)

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Koonschi, this update is great. I'm still getting used to it, but it feels so good. Myself and some others might headbutt some asteroids while getting used to it, but don't listen to any people that are butthurt because they don't know how to pilot a ship.


I have 6 ships in the fleet.. 4 ofdifferent types and sizes ... every single one of them got screwed by this patch.. before that(beta branch ago) i would say thusters were fine for me.. now my biggest ship (volume 14.5 mil / 8 upgrade slots) is barerly turning..samne goes to my smallest mining ships 3.5 mil volume... they all just got lost like 60% of turning power.. added up much thrusters and didndt help that much.. ohh and the "drifting".. ouch :) 18 km target in a big ship .. if I have any speed in other direction.. I move in a curve to the 18km away station .. hard to make it straight line :)  I mean : I cant fly straight ;p


But power  speed of flying forward.. .like engine buff.. would say its too much powerful for the thrusters part? like.. I would just lvoe to put engines pointing other directions and use them not the thrusters ;x


Another thing with it: only I found out that AI controlled ships (my fleet ships) for exampe mining ship now get  "stuck" and dont move in astreoids muuuuch  more often than before.. like with worse turning force they just.. cant move.. and they get stuck more easly? its so annyoing ;x

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For me the patch screwed the whole game for me... i liked the arcadeish feeling before plus i liked to build small to medsizes ships... now with those thruster wich are waaaaaaay to weak it really feels like pingpong.... to feel a difference i had to build directional thrusters as big as my ship... i love this game but plz dont let it stay like this :-(

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The community I play with, at least, has formed a consensus that the X3 turning on a dime in zero G took away some enjoyment with how broken that physics aspect is.


I can guarantee this won't be the last update that affects how your ship handles


Just expect it, and rework your build if you have to. These physics are way better, and the work is worth it.

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Yeah i always expect changes in early access but with this update i dont like to play anymore :-/ this update is just tooo much of a change in handling to have fun now... i dont want it realistic i want a fun experience. I gonna stop playing beta/experimental branch for now. Damn i had so much fun with this game before the patch came out xD

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  • Boxelware Team

As stated in the patch notes, you'll have to rebuild your ship. With correct placement of thrusters you should be able to get a normal ship flight feeling. And please stop thinking that I don't update anything any more once a patch is live. I'm doing the exact opposite in fact: I put it live in beta so you can give feedback.


Also: Previously rotational speed was artificially increased to be 6 times as strong as it should be. I simply removed/fixed this.

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