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Neutral Zones and Ai gone when uploaded my own server to Nitrado.


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I just got a Nitrado server for Avorion since it was tedious to keep the server on my own PC as my friends could play more than me so I decided to get a server provider instead.

I deleted the existing server in the FTP and uploaded my own. When everything was done I logged into the server and it looked alright until I got attacked by pirates in a neutral sector I was owning. It seems that all the neutral zones where I had stations are switched to non-neutral. Every other neutral zone is there it's just the one that had my stations in it. Another thing is that all the Ai stations and my friends ships are gone too. All that is left is my stations and ships.


I went to upload the sectors again and I noticed that several sectors had "conversion_backup" in their name. So a new sector was generated in its place with only my stuff in it. I tried to delete the normal sector and change the name of the conversion back to the normal sector but after I joined the server again there was another conversion_backup in the files. I'm going crazy because I don't know what happened or how to fix it. All I did was upload my own galaxy. Changed the ports, name and password in the config so we could join.

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I looked in the server log and I’m getting this for all sectors involved:
2023-05-27 13-57-50| FileSecurer error: Reading of all instances of galaxies/MyGalaxy/sectors/-108_132 failed.
2023-05-27 13-57-50| Data of a loaded sector is at version 0.0, which is behind server database version 0.4. Converting.

After that  all the sectors involved will get the conversion_backup file 

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