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Factory Creation Bug


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I am encountering a pretty critical bug on my dedicated server related to factory creation. I've tested with several different asteroid mines (coal, copper, gold) all results are the same but have not yet tested with a station built factory. Though I suspecting it may be linked to a root problem.

When creating a factory, the "trade goods" window that allows a factory owner to see stats, set buy/sell price, view production line information remains blank where production information should be shown. Despite a green message below saying the factory should be performing normally. I've made sure the asteroid mine also contains cargo hold, crew, assemblies, etc.

From here two scenarios can happen. If I click the button in the bottom left to upgrade the factory. It instantly kills the server. If the leave the broken factory running and I log out then log back into the server. The server crashes. Then all attempts to log back into the server fail.

My suspicion in laymans terms is something wrong is happening between when I click create a factory and then game is supposed to run some kind of function that looks into the factory.lua and provide basic production info. I've attempted to rule out mods by disabling all mods prior to restoring my dedicated server test back up and attempting to recreate the factory several ways. I've also done a Steam Integrity Verification with no such luck.

The recurring section of the log that seems to stick out to me constantly is something similar to below.

2023-04-18 20-35-57| <Server> Player FiestaMasta joined the galaxy
2023-04-18 20-35-58| T: 139997241284352
2023-04-18 20-35-58| Object: N2cp13ServerScriptsE
2023-04-18 20-35-58| Execution Context (inner to outer):
2023-04-18 20-35-58| #0: Factory.restore data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua
2023-04-18 20-35-58| 
2023-04-18 20-35-58| could not execute function 'Factory.restore' in '"data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua"':
2023-04-18 20-35-58| 
2023-04-18 20-35-58| data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:488: attempt to index upvalue 'production' (a nil value)
2023-04-18 20-35-58| stack traceback:
2023-04-18 20-35-58|     data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:488: in function 'updateOwnSupply'
2023-04-18 20-35-58|     data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:168: in function <data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:151>

Something similar happens when I click the upgrade button on the factory where it says could not execute function Factory.OnUpgradePressed or something similar. This is the last section of the log I can tell when I click the upgrade button and the server crashes.

Object: N2cp13ServerScriptsE
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Execution Context (inner to outer):
2023-04-18 20-50-15| #0: Factory.onUpgradeProductionButtonPressed data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua
2023-04-18 20-50-15| 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| could not execute function 'Factory.onUpgradeProductionButtonPressed' in '"data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua"':
2023-04-18 20-50-15| 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| data/scripts/lib/productions.lua:108: attempt to index local 'production' (a nil value)
2023-04-18 20-50-15| stack traceback:
2023-04-18 20-50-15|     data/scripts/lib/productions.lua:108: in function 'getFactoryUpgradeCost'
2023-04-18 20-50-15|     data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:1371: in function <data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:1357>
2023-04-18 20-50-15| 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Starting thread [Stacktrace Sender]...
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Started thread [Stacktrace Sender] with id 139625101043456
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Sending crash report ... 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| tried path "/home/container/gs-02"
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Thread 139625101043456 Received signal SIGABRT
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625789945600]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625789945600]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625150539520]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625150539520]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625781552896]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625781552896]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625142146816]: 
2023-04-18 20-50-15| Thread Name [139625823516416]: Create Sectors WorkerPool Thread 0


serverlog 2023-04-18 20-47-10.txt

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  • Boxelware Team

This problem could not be reproduced. For further investigation I would like to have a closer look at your savegame.
Could you upload the corresponding folder (.avorion/galaxies/*) to weTransfer (or another provider like weTransfer) and send a bug report to https://www.avorion.net/bugtracker/report.php with the download link?

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