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Dev/Debug Menu strange and unknown bug.


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LONG AND DETAILED: I have noticed something while playing on my own and in my own way, (mostly testing stuff and using invincibility through debug menu).
So what is the point of saying this? well it's about the debug menu. i have noticed that when activating invincibility, and after i jump between 1 to 3 times to other sectors, the debug menu deactivates, so i thought "well that's fine i guess".
Then my ships started getting shot down (destroyed), when they were made to be small, not to be proper warships, just small corvettes for testing guns or for roleplay.
after i saw this, i entered one of the ships that survived after i had jumped away from that enemy sector, and activated the debug menu once again. then i clicked the button to turn on invincibility again, and it said the ship is now invincible.
So i thought "that's weird" and went on another ship and did the same again, and eventually noticed the entire fleet was affected by this problem. i do not play in creative as i do not wish for infinite resource, as a way to limit myself for fun.
The debug menu has kept turning itself off again and again every 1 to 3 jumps so i cannot roleplay OR test guns without needing giant ships, when instead i prefer small ships as a fleet.
so the entire fleet, sometiems even my own ship got affected.
Can you please fix so the debug menu? cause if it disables in the middle of playing the game, my fleet cannot go to war (in roleplay or for testing) as there's a risk of them getting destroyed.
i like to roleplay for myself as i have no friends and mostly prefer singleplayer, and the debug menu is the only way of making myself invincible including my fleet so that i can play as i wish and so i can have fun.


SHORT DESCRIPTION: the Debug Menu shuts down after a few jumps, including invincibility, which makes my fleet die when jumping to war. If you could fix so it stays on it would be amazing for me, as i love the debug menu to roleplay without my ships dying when they are not meant to in the roleplay.


IDEA FOR THE FIX (Do with this as you will, it's only an idea): Make it stay on once activated until one rejoins the savegame, or the game itself. just anything that prevents it from shutting down when doing a jump to another sector.

It'd make me so happy if this could be fixed, cause then i could enjoy my roleplays and testing once again. I do NOT know what caused this to begin with, and i have tried several things to fix it without success, i don't know if it's a bug, fail in the script, or something else.

Thank you for your time reading this.

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