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Allow AI to toggle independent weapon systems groups to fire at longer range and addition of an adjustable engagement range



Currently, AI will only attempt to fire once all of it's guns are in range. This can cause problems if you want to equip a ship with both a long range coaxial gun and some closer range chain guns or bolters for defense if someone gets too close. The ship will instead rush down the target and only fire the long range gun once the closer range weapons are within range (even if said close range weapons are fully automated).

Here is my suggestion to remedy this.

A) Allow the ship to toggle weapon groups depending on range. If the target is within range of the long range guns and out of range of the short range guns the ship will turn off the short range guns and fire only the long range group. If the target gets within range of the short range weapon group the ship will turn on that weapon group as well.

B) Allow the player to select the preferred engagement range for the ship.

The intent of these additions will allow for more control over the role of AI ships in combat, which will add more diversity to gameplay. It will allow for easier control over what ships are brawlers and artillery ships.

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