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Dedicated Server Listing on public server list not using its name.


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I have setup a dedicated server on a stand alone PC using the method set out in the Avorion Wiki.
I have forwarded the 4 ports from the router to the PC and opened the firewall on the PC.
isListed is set to true, and the server starts without any errors.

I can see the server on the local LAN.

I can see the server listed when browsing servers however the name I have set is not used. The description of the server is used,
The padlock shows.

The server shows as

IP:port number 0/0 2000 description

eg:            0/0            2000 Test Server

There are c. 20+ other servers all listed in the same way.

If the server is selected, I can connect to it and play the game.
I can set it as a favourite, however it will not show in the favourites listing.

What do I need to do to make the listing used the unique name set in the server.ini file?

Thanks in advance.
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