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Mod-focused game



Good afternoon. I think the best thing you can do with your game is to make it mod-oriented. Below I will describe why I think so, and what it means.

What does this mean
A modded game is a game that can be completely modified with mods, whose API minimally restricts people from creating mods, and most of the updates to the game are aimed at expanding the capabilities of mods and bug fixes.
In the current Avorion, from what I've seen, there are very few features, and they start with the fact that you can not add new blocks, new ores, and end with deeper nuances.


Why is it good and what is bad about it
The main advantage of this approach is that the game will live forever. And as a rule, such games gain good popularity and respect among the players.
Firstly, the sandbox genre is generally interesting for creative people, and therefore there are many moderators among them. Secondly, this genre opens up huge potential for mods. And thirdly, players always know better what they want from the game, this is a harsh reality.
Many successful games have their success largely due to the modding community, below I will go into detail about each game and what good / bad modding it has.
The main disadvantage of this approach is the difficulty of creating DLC, because. instead of expanding the content of the game, you have to come up with completely new mechanics. This is bad for development, because requires more strength, but good for the game, because. develops in all directions.
The second disadvantage is that it is demanding on the community, without it there will be no one to make mods, but this is usually not a big problem.

Examples of games actively using mods
1. Factorio - is the flagship of modded games, where modders have complete freedom of action. And its main audience plays with mods, because. vanilla, despite its interesting gameplay, ends sooner.
2. Warcraft 3 - is an old game, and as old games are supposed to be, the editor is available to a wide audience. It is thanks to custom maps (which, as you know, are far from just placing objects on the map, but also a large number of scripts) that has been very popular all these years, and even now people play it.
3. Minecraft - unlike the factorio, developers do not develop much modding in the game, but it was originally worked without API, directly through Java, mostly. The mods in this game do absolutely fantastic things that some could not even imagine.
4. Terraria - although the mods in this one are not so diverse, but the most interesting thing can be done with the help of mods, which allows you to fill the game with countless amounts of content.
5. TES Skyrim / Oblivion - games that many associate with mods, and thanks to the opportunities provided, some mods have grown into full-fledged games (forgoten city, enderal)
5. Space Engineer - a game that only thanks to mods keeps afloat.
6. Risk of Rain 1|2 - modern mods in this game open up a lot of interesting features, and every year their quality grows and grows, making the game even more interesting.
7. Rim World - The community is also very fond of mods for this game, and there are many mods that change the gameplay in interesting ways.
8. ARK - has a fairly active community of modders, who also expand the possibilities of the game well.
There are also a number of games that simply integrated editors into the games that helped players add a lot of new content to the game. (Unterned, ManiaPlanet games, and many other games, mostly sandbox and RTS)


What are the key things in good mod integration
- Good API / full editor (all games above)
- Full mod management from the game, adding, removing, updating (good examples are Factorio, tmodloader Terria)
- Mods are synchronized automatically when you enter the server (you have it implemented - a big plus)
- If you work through the Workshop - a competent division of groups, which makes it easier for players to find the right mods.

I understand that this is a lot of work, but by doing this, you will make your game immortal. potential in it is not less than in the same Factorio, and even bigger.

Sincerely, your player

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