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Adding notes to a sector


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I'm trying to make a mod, which will add trader post most expensive goods to a galaxy map, so i can find them later through a search box. Ended up with following code, attached to a server Player():

function sectorEntered(palyerIndex, x, y)
	local sector = Sector() --get current sector	
	local tradePosts = {sector:getEntitiesByScript("entity/merchants/tradingpost.lua")} --get all trade posts in sector	
	--if there are none skip
	if #tradePosts > 0 then 	
		local view = Galaxy():findPlayer(palyerIndex):getKnownSector(x, y)
		local noteText
		for _, tradePost in pairs(tradePosts) do
			local sellable = {}
			local buyable = {}
			--get all goods sold by station
			TradingUtility.getBuyableAndSellableGoods(tradePost, sellable, buyable)
			--full station name
			noteText = string.format("%s - %s", tradePost.title, tradePost.name)
			--sorting by price, most expensive first
			table.sort(buyable, function(a, b) return a.price > b.price end) 
			--get NUM first
			for i = 1, NUM do
				noteText = string.format("%s\n%s",noteText,buyable[i].good.name);
			view.note = NamedFormat(noteText, {}) --not working, sector notes are empty		
			print(view.note.text) --working, print what i want in console

The problem is notes won't show on a map, but show in console just fine. Not sure where is issue here, can someone explain?

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