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Player Orientation Relative to Gates and Tactical Map - Fix Please



Greetings Boxelware and fellow Avorions!
I would like to bring a relatively minor issue to yawls attention that I'm sure most of you all don't care about but as someone that loves the idea of Jump gates and uses them a lot, I've noticed and cursed every time I've played a vanilla campaign since 2018.
The plane that the player spawns on in a system is rotated about 90 degrees (80*-110*) from where it is expected to be. I've seen this issue in every world I have created since 2018 so it's not a specific seed issue from what I can tell.

It does seem like this issue was addressed at some point recently as I remember playing a year or two ago and the gates were another 90 degrees (180* from expected) rotated from where they should have been.

I have uploaded some pictures to better illustrate the issue.
Here is the example system. It has a North, South and East gate.


I have passed through the gate and am sitting in front of this systems East gate, I have not moved or tried to reorient myself.
Under normal circumstances I would expect to see the North gate to my right and the South gate to my left along the initial spawn's ecliptic plane (blue line) with some random elevation deviations (yellow lines) for system uniqueness. 
However, as you can see from that image, the gates are nowhere near that plane and are in fact above (North gate) and below (South gate) me with the East gate behind me. Again, I have not moved my ship from its initial spawn orientation into this system.




I have also seen that the Tactical Map is vertically inverted from what is to be expected as well. Different system but same galaxy seed.
Here I have entered the Tactical map and have not moved the camera at all. This is the default Panning view.
As you can see the West gate is shown on the left properly but now the North gate is at the bottom of the screen where a South gate would normally be, instead of the top of the screen as would be expected.


Thank you all for your time and votes, I can post a world file if it's truly needed upon request.
Hope to see you all out in the verse.

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