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[WIP] Armor Plating Mod


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Hello All,

I started playing Avorion recently (coming from Eve Online) and the game caught me by surprise. Liked it a lot that i am continuously playing for hours and the single player server is running 24x7. I felt some of the features could really make this game more interesting and challenging. One of those are the "Armor Tanking". (I did not like the concept of adding 5 to 6 of "energy shield booster" in the end game to play).  I have been going through the scripts/documentation and have few points on how this can be achieved. 

Armor Plating Mod

I am a big fan of armor tanking than the shield tanking. but unfortunately, its not balanced yet right now. 


  1. Its a sub-system
  2. Provides defense against "Physical", "Anti-matter", "plasma", "energy", "electric"
  3. multiple sub-system can be used. but with heavy penalty.
  4. defense rating varies depending on the rarity, starting from 4% to 35% (for the maximum)
  5. slightly increases the durability.


  • usage of single armor plating
    • Armor plating increases the overall mass of the ship. 
      • Affected stats - Thrusters, velocity, acceleration.
  • Usage of multiple armor plating
    • Doubles the affected stats.- thrusters, velocity, acceleration.
    • gives diminishing defense ratings.

How it is implemented.

  • A series of new sub systems are introduced which can be installed by the player. 
  • Once this is installed, it affects the ships stats.
  •  I  could not find any exposed interface for armor. But the script only exposes the "Durability" factor. Durability cannot be used for this defense rating. Though it will be slightly improved when this sub-system is installed.
  • Hence i am listening to the onHullHit event and modifying the incoming damage to the ship, based on the damage type and the damage amount. (This script will be added to the sector). Please do let me know if there are other ways to achieve this.

Kindly do feedback on the same. 


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