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New Boss ideas that brings more life to the galaxy



here are some ideas for bosses that I would really like to fight or stumble across randomly when I am exploring the galaxy. These could bring more life to the worlds.

- A ghost ship, a space flying Dutchman (it drops good cargo but no subsystems or turrets)

- Mysterious Wanderer, an ungodly powerful ship (always more powerful than the player) that's searching for something (and players could accidentally find said object and summon it)

- An accidental Xsotan time traveler from the past, Also a powerful ship that drops one of the 8 artifacts (ultra rare encounter)

- A hospital ship but the mad patients took over the ship, (moral dilemma)

- Rouge colony ship with an AI that killed all on board, (filled with nothing but habitat related cargo)

- A Psychotic rich kid from a wealthy family that tries to kill the player because the family the kid comes from is a powerful one (drops a lot of credits)

- The Iron Hulk, A relic of a bygone era, a truly colossal ship that's made of low tier materials but still strong enough to rival ogonite ships by the sheer number of guns, (drops a lot of low tech loot no matter where this boss spawns)

- Rouge AI factory, a wandering factory thats attacking anything for it's raw materals, drops a massive amount of anything its producing, like a force generator factory something like that

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