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New DLC suggestion (Faction Expansion DLC)




we are suggesting new DLC release that would be called: Faction expansion or something like that that would change factions for good.
what DLC would include?

+ Factions now have relations between each other that means if they enemies they try to take over territories and expand
+ Factions now build new bases in rich asteroid fields
+ Factions now recognize claimable asteroids in their own territory and new territory and claim them to expand
+ Factions now build their own fighters and send them to battle area to take over territory for expansion
+ Factions now choose relationship with player if they see that player is not bringing them any good to the table they try to eliminate player and take over its resources
+ Factions on the galaxy map has new icon that indicates battle between two territories/factions that would let player see what factions fighting 
+ Factions now has ability to send distress signal to player for help if they losing to much territory.
+ Factions now use their resources to expand and build bigger fleets and more bases
+ Player has option to see factions economy if its weak or strong and what resources faction needs for better expansion
+ Player has option to propose cease-fire between two faction by offering them resources/credits
+ Player has ability to join battle between two factions if player takes out more ships in that sectors it would give that territory to player if faction takes out more ships it would give it to that faction
+ Factions on galaxy map now has logo of their faction, that logo would appear in galaxy map on their territory 
+ Player would have option on galaxy map or in interface to sort faction ships in the sector by their territory colour for example if their territory on galaxy map is brown it would show their ships in the sector as brown square so player could identify what territory they are from.
+ Trading: if faction with player is neutral it would send 1 trading ship time to time at player factory/mine if relationship between faction is good they would send 2-3 ships if relation ship between player and faction is excellent or ally it would send 4-5 trading ships for every single mine/factory so all docks could be used and not just 1 as it is right now by default.
+ and more...

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Factions could use some work, buts its already on the roadmap, some of the ideas here are good imho, but not all of them. I would love to see logos on maps for example, but I am not a big fan of factions claiming everything within their borders - that would leave the player to have nothing to do in the end... 

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