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Losted Avorion 0.7.1 version


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Sorry, could not determine in which category to put this question, therefore I attributed it to off-topic.

The essence of the question is whether anyone still has the beta version of Avorion 0.7 or 0.7.1, I know that earlier it could be downloaded through the official website in the demo section, but now there is a different version. It is impossible to download through the web archive or other sites, this version is missing everywhere, as if it was completely removed from the Internet. I would like to download it to save the history of Avorion versions and in order to see how the game has changed from version to version. Yes, and there are big differences from 0.5 or from the steam release?

It would be cool if someone had this installer or if the developers themselves could share it 🙂 Btw, i have bought a steam version already

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