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Factory Blocks



Since i notice that i got minor slowdown (no grafical lag) at my homesector even without R-harvesting or fighters at that sector

I think there need some economical improment.


Since you need a tractor/docking ship to dock/couple stations, i think at first there need to be a check when you found a station if that ship is docked on a station or not, before you check about the minimum distance between stations.

That would made it easier to dock 2 or more stations together.


But the main improvement it would be when you would add factory blocks for stations only.

At this way you could create megafactories with integrated item distribution system.

Which mean that megafactory won't need shuttles anymore. And i think these shuttles are one big factor about the slowdown.

You still build a station founder at the shipyard, maybe with 4,8,16,32,64 factory slots.

Then you can add factory blocks to the station once you found the station. The blocks got the same cash cost like the station founding before.



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