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[Economy Gamebreaker] Big Breeders


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We found a economy/gamebreaking problem today.


You know the big Breeders? No? Good. Stop reading please! If yes, continue:


Find oneand Claim/Build Mine.

Then deconstruct everything


Up to millions of credits + up to 500.000 Ogonite/Avorion per breeder.


This is way too much I think.

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Unless the devs want to make the gap between new and experienced players even larger, this problem should be adressed in the coming updates.

The game is fun when you play it the way it's ment to be played, once you start rushing things and move on quickly to the center this kind of breaks gameplay since you can skip the first grindy half and then get lucky (and shit-rich) very fast.


As an example:

There are players on our server who have more than a few million Avorion already because of this, while other players who started around the same time but didn't rush getting to the center and they are only between Naonite-Xanion.

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The problem is that large breed asteroids are just like large asteroids, and claimable. Remove the option to claim them and you've done away with the problem.


The most annoying problem with these is that you *have* to delete them down to the base block, since all the extra breeder junk counts as construction, and you need 700 mechanics just because of that.


I thought I could make a really cool looking mine.. Nope.

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