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Thrusters inside ship hull


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Or you could, pre-plan your path, just like space craft do in real life.

With assisted or even full auto pilot that is not derpy ;) I like your idea!

hah, please be realistic... :D

Well then it's not realistic is it ;) So give us our cheated thrusters lol. If it was Real Life you would have insane guidance systems to hand hold you the entire way :P This is a video game after all :P So let's not over complicate thrusters too much since we don't have complex systems to utilize them to their best.

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I was talking in the sense, that non derpy full autopilots in games like these are basically nonachievable... they require so much computing power, planning and data processing, that I would rather break my ship with slightly buffed (directional) thrusters, than try to implement some overly complicated turn-break systems managed by autopilots and such...

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