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Client Lockup


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This is happening playing on server, and only with a fire fight or lots of debris from a firefight. Usually engaging a pirate in a sector once all weapons are fired on the ships then 10-20 secs in it just stops responding. I have to kill the client and log back in. I haven't lost a ship this way yet, then again my fleet overwhelms them.

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The system is:


Amd FX 8120 3.1 GHZ 8 Core Cpu 16GB of ram 4 TB of HD 1GB Nvidia 650 GTX running Opensuse 13.1.


Yes the ships are complex but usually my ships take 0% damage to about 4%. The Pirate ships are basically litter and all the drops. It's cool with all the beam and projectile weapons going off till it locks up.

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When I salvage wreckage no issue at all with all the drops and debris only when in a fire fight. Usually 10-20 secs into the firefight it happens. I have 2 ships that are basically the same outfitted with about 20 -25 turrets each my 3 rd ship is my salvager.

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