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[Mod] Detailed Turret Tooltips


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Detailed Turret Tooltips - v0.023

Alters the turret tooltips to give much more information to the player, aiming to make weapon comparisons easy. There are so many changes, take a look at the screenshot under features if you haven't! Some users of the mod have stated that this is required only on the clients, for your information.


[spoiler=Features & Terminology]F086EFC062D406BC82E999A50B39622FAF229BED


DPS Calculations

• DPS: Your usual DPS. Shown for weapons that do not overheat

• EDPS (Effective DPS): Takes cooldown into account, and replaces DPS stat for any weapon that can overheat


Turrets with Heat Mechanic

• Uses EDPS

• Buildup: Heat per shot stat in the middle, and "time to heat" (0 > 100+) in seconds on the right

• Cooldown: Cooling per second in the middle, and "time to cooldown" (100+ > 0) in seconds on the right


Burstfire Turret Stats

• Uses EDPS

• Burst Damage: Displays "projectiles per burst"x"damage per projectile", replaces "damage"

• Burst Cycle: Time between bursts (overheat + cooldown), replaces "fire rate"


Energy Turret Stats

• Split into two; energy turrets that drain battery, and energy turrets that consume power directly - at the end both has the same effect but the way they do it is different)

• Base Drain/Demand: Initial usage for the energy weapons, recalculated to reflect the actual usage

• Accumulation Rate: Cost increase per second/shot, recalculated to reflect the actual increase

• Normalization Rate: Cost decrease per second, added as an extra stat

note: as you keep firing the energy weapons, their cost will increase (accumulation as I call it), and when you stop firing them, their cost will return back to base (normalization as I call it)


Beam Turret Stats

• Tick Rate: Replaces "Fire Rate", how many times the beam will strike the target in a second. For fluff mostly

• Tick Damage: How much damage each tick will do to the target. For fluff mostly


Shield/Hull bonuses

• If present, these will split the damage values into two, displaying both values instead of a single value


Extra Stats

• Velocity: Muzzle Velocity; how fast the projectile travels

• Tracking Speed: How fast the turret turns (unit unknown)

• Range: Range is calculated instead of taken for granted

• Shield Penetration: The vanilla shield penetration chance, moved to a relative position

• Hull Penetration: The somewhat hidden value for Railguns; how many blocks they can penetrate

• Multiple Projectiles (if applicable): How many projectiles each weapon will fire (from vanilla, you saw this as DMGx2 etc...)

• Synchronized Weapons (if applicable): How many weapons that the turret will fire (was missing from vanilla, NOT the same as above)


Merged Stats

• If a Salvaging beam has "+hull damage%" then this is added to the "Salvaging" stat

• Mining beams include the +20000% bonus in their "Mining" stat


Some extra info

• Like, if the weapon consumes power or generates heat (duh)

• Or, that the mining/salvaging beams deals no damage to shields


Look Overhaul

• WIP. So far looks alright in my opinion, but as I've said: WIP. Any suggestions are welcome!

• Moved "Tech" and "Material" above

• Painted stuff a little bit

• Renamed a lot of stuff

• Added units (if known)

• etc... etc... a picture tells a thousand words they say, so check the screenshot out if you haven't!


...and a few more that I forgot while writing/editing this



[spoiler=Notes]-There are 2 cases where EDPS is slightly inaccurate. But from 0 to 100, or 100 to 0, I'd say accuracy of calculations are over 99%. The first case is, latency/game tickrate (?) causing you to fire an extra or a less shot. The second case is, overheated weapons do not have to fully cooldown in order to fire again.


• Energy weapons are weird. Especially the continuous ones. I tried my best to figure them out, and result portrays closer stats to the ship stats that you can see by checking power consumption and such.


• Force turrets are weird as well. I displayed my own results instead of the game's results because vanilla tooltips can show positive force for the turret as a whole while the individual weapons may have negative force which makes absolutely no sense.



[spoiler=Change Log]v0.024

• Fixed cargo / crew shuttles



• Mirrored lines from the vanilla tooltipmaker.lua



• For cases where a turret/fighter is spawned without any weapons, added a failsafe that'd keep the mod from getting set to invalid by the game

• Mirrored an (so far) unused line from the vanilla tooltipmaker.lua



• Added "Shield Penetration" and "Hull Penetration" stats

• Added info for weapons that are ineffective against stone (basically, all lightning weapons)

• Fixed "Tick Damage" showing incorrect values for applicable weapons (apparently, Tesla Guns can have "Synchronized Weapons", unlike any other continuous beam)

• "Range" is now calculated (it'll show correct range values for crafted weapons; a bug prevents real range from being altered for them, I'll make a fix/mod for turretfactory.lua later on fix for turretfactory.lua)

• "Force" stats now display the individual weapon force; for some reason turret stats show wildly different things (different things as in tooltip showing positive turret force while the weapon force is actually negative)



• Corrected DPS for turrets that overheat in one shot, also these turrets display "Instant" for "Buildup" stat instead of 0

• Moved some stuff to the bottom of tooltips (colorful-special stuff like "Independent Targeting")



• Hull Damage icon is not a shield icon anymore

• (Hopefully) Some weapons that caused an issue (blank tooltips, no buy/sell options) shouldn't cause them anymore



• Cleaned the code up a little bit

• Renamed stuff in, cleaned and beautified the tooltip a little bit

• Added Hull/Shield damage calculations if the weapon has any bonus for those

• Merged some stats; the stone damage bonus is added to "Mining", and hull damage bonus (if the turret has any) is added to "Salvaging"

• Added a few (just two) info tooltips; Mining and Salvaging turrets are ineffective against shields, energy weapons use the energy in different ways

• Corrected energy drain/demand calculations

• Changed how burst damage looks; instead of showing total damage, now shows #projectiles fired before overheating and damage per projectile

• Corrected a potential bug related to overheating weapons

• etc... a few more stuff under the hood



[spoiler=Known Issues]• When adjusting turret parameters for a turret with eDPS in a turret factory, it may look weird when the fire rate goes up but eDPS stays the same. This is not an issue; the turret overheats faster, and enters the cooldown period quicker, and as the eDPS also takes these cooldown periods into account, the overall DPS for one firing cycle actually doesn't change. I thought this was a mistake that I made at first, but ran a few calculations with hand and was surprised to see the results.


• If you are trying to create a fighter and the fighter creation UI locks up, it's possible you are using the wrong version. As stated in the last sentence, if you are on the beta branch, use the latest version, if you are on the normal (default, stable) branch, use the previous version.


• If the game is crashing when looking at a tooltip, it is a game bug, not a mod bug. When the game detects that something is wrong in a mod, it'll simply set it to invalid and that part of the game won't function. For example, as this mod deals with weapon tooltips, if something was wrong, it'd show a blank tooltip but everything else would work fine.


TL;DR: Game crashes related to tooltips are not caused by this mod.



[spoiler=Report a Bug]• Take a look at the "Known Issues". It might be something I've written there.


• If not, the best you can do is providing as much information as you can also with a game log attached to it. You can find the game logs in %AppData%\Avorion folder, either query it on Windows Search (from Start Menu) or enter it as a location on Windows Explorer. You can see multiple text files, grab the latest one, and upload it over here so I can take a look at it.




NOTE: The mod is outdated, and will not show "Slots" value for turrets. Will show nothing for torpedoes. An update is slowly coming.


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Oh damn another one. Yours seems a bit more detailed but also a bit harder on the eyes to follow but sweet stuff.


There was another one today but it's not as detailed:



Glad to see you guys and girls pumping out the mods :)


I had to put some unnecessary stuff in to keep the stats aligned from weapon type to weapon type. Put the most important stat on the top though; DPS. For now I'm happy because I wasn't able to play the game for 2 days as I was trying to finish this up heheh. But I'll clean it up later on. So far, as I've said in the title, happy with the progress to share.

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Some progress on the cleanup, could use your opinion



Yup I think it's great. Everything will get adjusted overtime.

Any opinion on the cleanup progress linked above?


I love this in all the info gleaned.  it's amazing.  it's like looking at game ini files but in-game all over again from C&C games but with dps perspectives.

Heheh, thanks.


Is this client only right?

Don't know how multiplayer works for this game, so I'm not sure. This mod only alters 1 file that generates tooltips.

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what's with the "damage x" and the next line "/shot"?  mostly the /shot part as it looks confusing after reading damage x


It is a typo. "Damage"..."/shot" means damage per shot for example.


So synchronized weapon means its DPS is divided into all shots? And same for multiple projectiles?


The topmost damage number includes all extra shots. The second damage number may have "4xDMG"; this is either due to Synchronized Weapons or Multiple Projectiles or combination of both.


Love this. Going to test it out now


Edit: Been testing this, this is perfect!


All we need now is a way to sort our turrets automatically by the actual 'dps' instead of just having to sort by "damage" (which more often than not as it turns out, is extremely unreliable)


I'll look into that!




I've been playing the game and encountered a turret factory cluster, good for testing. I noticed that increasing fire rate doesn't change weighted damage, so I ran through my calculations again to double check and found out this is correct but I feel like I need to point this out somehow. Less fire rate means the turret will cooldown more between each shot, allowing more shots to be fired, but it'll also increase the length of a cycle (cycle being "time to overheat" + "time to cooldown") resulting in same weighted damage numbers.


Also, turret factories are fun. You can get weapons with 0 fire rate, -damage, -mining, etc... Good stuff :)

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what changed? btw in previous version the popup for turrets also opened when hovering on an enemy turret, don't know if it's intended or not


Uhh... I don't know what causes that, never noticed it myself while playing. Could be a vanilla bug?


Changes are:

-Cleaned the code up a little bit

-Renamed stuff in and cleaned the tooltip a little bit

-Added Hull/Shield damage calculations if the weapon has any bonus for those

-Merged some stats; the stone damage bonus is added to "Mining", and hull damage bonus (if the turret has any) is added to "Salvaging"

-Added a few (just two) info tooltips; Mining and Salvaging turrets are ineffective against shields, energy weapons use the energy in different ways

-Corrected energy drain/demand calculations

-Changed how burst damage looks; instead of showing total damage, now shows #projectiles fired before overheating and damage per projectile

-Corrected a potential bug related to overheating weapons (haven't seen any, but if a weapon can overheat in one shot, code covers it as well but it had a bug)

-etc... a few more stuff under the hood

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Appreciate the effort. Just want to give you a heads up that your mod does not work with the current beta. I just get blank tooltips unfortunately. Attached is the tooltipmaker.lua from the beta for reference.


The file you attached matches the current version's original "tooltipmaker.lua". I am already on beta branch on Steam, I haven't seen blank tooltips popping. Any other mods you're using?

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On beta branch, while I'm not getting blank tooltips, the mod only appears to work on stuff in shops, not stuff in build mode, personal inventory, or ship info.


It should work the same everywhere; there is one "tooptipmaker.lua" that handles all the turret tooltip generations. Just checked the game again, on build mode, personal inventory, shop, turret factory, etc... works everywhere for me?

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I'm going to go back to normal branch, verify stuff, grab the .lua file, go to beta, verify again, grab the beta's .lua file and compare them again then do the same with the mod to be sure.


edit: Nah. Everything is working fine on my end, on both the current and the beta versions.

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I just started a new game, still using current beta (there was an update today to the beta btw, and I am using the newest version), and still having the blank tooltips in several modes. It did seem to work when viewing turrets in the equipment shop though. Now I do have a ton of stuff modded, both others plus my own changes. But I cant think of anything that would touch tooltipmaker. Also, your mod was the most recent I installed.  I also tried full screen versus windowed, no difference. Mystery for sure.


Update, log shows tooltip errors related to it. See attached.


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