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[QoL][Simple] Improvement for "Mark as Trash..." in Player / Inventory screen



After playing Avorion for some hours it's pretty easy to hit 1000 items limit in the inventory, and then we have to clean it up. Currently (v2.2.2) there is a mechanism that makes it easier by allowing us to mark all items below given rarity as trash, and just sell all trash at the station (on the attached screenshot).

My proposal is to make "Mark as Trash..." function related to the type of selected sorting mode in the Player / Inventory screen ("Rarity" on the screenshot), so for example when I pick sorting by "Material", and then click on "Mark as Trash..." I could choose to mark as trash all the items made of Titanium and Iron. Same could go for Tech level, or "DPS/slot" value - we could enter threshold value, and then all the items below it would be market as trash. This would allow us to quickly and automatically get rid of all those low quality items we don't want (like high rarity, but old materials / low dps). It should be relatively simple to implement, too.

Avorion, Player - Inventory #1.jpg

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More advanced (alternative) version of this improvement, that just came to my mind: allow marking by more than one parameter, for example 1) rarity and 2) item type. Use case: I want to get rid off all green and lower rarity subsystems - but not the turrets.

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