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  • Boxelware Team

After performing well on the beta branch, patch 2.2.2 is now live on the default main branch. These are the changes coming with the patch:

  • Added more rift missions to mission boards of Rift Research Centers
  • Rifts: Gravity anomalies are now further away from mission targets to avoid interference
  • Rifts: Reworked "Applied Xenology" rift mission to make it easier to defend the probes
  • Rifts: Contents of rifts are now less far apart on lower rift depths
  • Rifts: Added Free Play settings for allowed mass and Xsotan damage in rifts
  • Added a button to request new rift missions at Rift Research Centers
  • Sectors with Rift Research Centers are now specially highlighted on the Galaxy Map
  • Added an explanation on how to get Rift Research Data in Research Center Shop
  • Rifts: Improved highlighting of nearby objectives
  • Rifts: Monoliths and buoys of nearby paths are now highlighted to make it easier to navigate in rifts
  • Fixed an issue where identical captain clones were received from 'A Lost Friend' mission
  • Fixed several issues where new subsystems gave too few turret slots
  • Fixed an exploit where autopilot could refine more ores than available
  • Fixed an issue where salvage and mining fighters didn't return to the hangar when a jump is ordered
  • Fixed an issue where splitting the procurement of goods reduced the duration and chance of attack
  • Fixed an issue where the corrupted AI did not become hostile to alliances after dialog
  • Fixed an issue where patch notes window did not reset scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where autopilot did not recognize when all required turrets were deactivated
  • Fixed an issue where the Hermit quest did not continue if a player traveled to them via command
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get lost/destroyed in rifts on higher difficulties when the game crashed or the server was
    shut down
  • Fixed an issue where new players were all placed in the same sector after enough players joined a server
  • Fixed several crashes in rifts
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