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Decent rig, very low fps, only recently.


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So used to play this game at 60fps no problem both single and multiplayer, but something happened after a hiatus (Last played version 2.1), now it runs some 20-30fps, regardless of settings, in the starter sector in a drone. Furthermore, loading screens become much longer, when ships jump in, there is a noticeable freeze/stutter of the game. Pausing the game gives me an additional 10 fps for some odd reason.

FPS in loading screen, main menu and splash screen goes above 100 so there isn't a limit going on.

I have attached my logs and perfstats dump.

The game utilizes 40-50% of my GPU and 10-20% of my CPU.

My specs: Ryzen 5 3600x, 32GB RAM @ 2666MT, GTX 1070, installed the game on a Crucial 1TB SATA SSD, on fully up to date Windows 10.

List of things I have tried but has not worked:

1. Reinstall the game

2. Completely remove all folders and reinstall the game

3. Move install to a different drive, including hard drive

4. Reinstall video card drivers

5. Compatibility mode for WIn Vista, 7, 8, and run as admin

6. Close all background applications

7. Change affinity and priority of avorion.exe

9. Full screen, borderless, and windowed modes

10. All graphics settings low&high

11. Restore Avorion to 2.0(when I was able to play smoothly), 1.0

12. Installed an older Nvidia driver from last year

13. Disable steam overlay

14. Enable frametime graphs, all fairly low except client, which is firmly in the yellow at around 30-50ms.

15. Set OpenGL GPU to 1070, set prefer max performance

16. Set power option to performance

17. Set physx to GPU

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I bought the DLC and am excited to try it, but this fps is unplayable in fights.

client-perfstats 2022-08-27 02-39-33.rar clientlog 2022-08-27 02-35-26.txt


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Update: I read somewhere that reinstalling windows can temporarily fix this issue, but that is just too big of a hassle, especially since apparently the problem comes back after some time, probably due to an update.

Please, if you can fix this that would be great, or even an acknowledgement of tracking this issue.

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