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Please....PLEASE....fix docking.



I'll grant, the superstructure that I have built on TreeCafe1 is probably well outside of the scope that Boxelware had in mind, but it certainly does a fantastic job in outlining an issue with docking that everyone has had.

This is hopefully something Boxel has seen by this point, but this is 27 individual structures tied together almost meticulously. 

When something is docked---it needs to not have the capability of "accidental fraction of light speed"

The [edit] third [/edit] screen shot shows an allied shipyard docked to the primary station. It is constantly jumping between 0 and upwards of 120,000m/s to try and do who knows what. 

Please do something about this in an upcoming patch. 

Docking gave us a great deal of possibilities and options in the game as well as ways for (as pictures show) to be creative which is some folks entire reason for playing. Creativity.

In this case, that station is something like 80 hours of gametime and it is constantly riddled with issues to the point where I'm half way tempted to hit "undock all" and retitle the sector "GMF Ruins" x_x

I should not have my alliance's sector popping up with "missed ticks" or whatever to the admin while nobody is in the sector. And that happens. A lot.













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This is a rather obvious bug, or maybe a fundamental shortcoming of the physics model. No ship/structure/whatever should behave like that, the acceleration alone is far beyond what ships in Avorion can do.

Mods, I think this one deserves moving to the "bugs" category.

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