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Targeting commands need finishing - hard to target wrecks, and can't go back a target



Like the title says, targeting seems half baked.
Currently, this game is missing basic commands that are present in every other game, and are now expected.

The sum total of current available targeting is:


That's literally the bare minimum, and one isn't even bound (or particularly useful).

First and foremost, we need a way to go back a target, even if nothing else. TAB + SHIFT. 
But in many cases, I would ALSO like to target specific things only. Especially wreckage and loot!
I have tried using this horrible system to find wreckage, and constantly find it near useless. And I can find no better method.

"Nearest Enemy" is fine, but next/previous enemy would sometimes be useful. (This could be alternately solved with target filters as described below.)

"Next Ally" of course needs a way to go back, just like "Next Target" does.

EDIT: well, it appears that there IS a way to reverse the selection, for both "Next Target" (TAB) and  "Next Ally" (H). You (oddly) hold CTRL and not SHIFT (which is so common, I neglected to think to try CTRL or ALT. That's partially on me). But, after well over 200 hours, I had NO idea, as the game indicated nothing to me. Allegedly there's a loading screen tip, but I haven't seen it.
Thank you to the Discord for informing me of this.

The rest of my suggestion still stands, though: filterable target lists.


Suggestion for improvement:

Implement an addition to the lower right sensor panel: add button toggles for various target types like asteroids, ships, stations, wreckage, loot (can't be targeted at all, atm), and maybe more.

(Maybe others like torpedoes? Probably torpedoes need a "nearest incoming" direct target key, and a dedicated next/previous key as well, now that I think about it.)

When toggled on, they appear in the Next/Previous Target list the keys manage. Toggled off, they can only be selected directly (via middle mouse).

But a larger "Sensors" panel can be opened as well.
While open, it shows a scrollable text list and maybe additional information about the selected target (depending on modules or something?)

Next and previous keys still scrolls through the visible list (highlighting the current one) AND you can just manually (via mouse) scroll through the list and click on one to select it directly.

Note that I don't think this should need a new installable module for most of these features. It should just be a basic functionality of the standard sensors.


This is an issue that bothers me every time I play, and I assume that I'm not alone.
I've been hoping development would get to this for a while now, but it hasn't. (EDIT: it did on part of it, but I couldn't tell.)

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