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Research inventory refresh ONLY on click of research button



Hi folks, hopefully this is an easy one to implement.

Grinding through research, spamming right-click as I crunch things up to higher tiers. As I do so, the inventory periodically refreshes, removing gaps in the display. This frequently happens, resulting in unintentional insertion of items.

e.g. You have a row of three green and three white items, each stack having a single item. Right click on two of the greens, the inventory updates, moves the white ones left-ward and you wind up with two greens and a white. Now you need to manually remove the white so a green can be inserted.

Related: It seems there's a sort triggered on right-click which can cause problems when you have stacks of different sizes. Let's say you have several items of same colour but different quality within that colour. e.g. tractor modules that have better ranges than others. You want to keep the good ones and research the lower quality ones. You start with 5 poor and 3 good. You right-click the poor ones a couple of times and then the refresh happens and it reorders so now the stacks have swapped places and you wind up with one you wanted to keep going into the research mix.


Solution: Only refresh the inventory when the Research button is clicked! That would solve both of the above problems.

I know that the research UI is being updated in 2.2. The autoresearch may reduce how often I run into this annoyance but we'll still be wanting to research manually a lot. I think it should be a simple fix. I hope it makes it into release.

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