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Difficulties of Avorion


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I'm pretty sure a change in damage isn't all. I've noticed a lot of things that seem different between my two partial playthroughs. Though it would be better if someone could confirm it, I hope this helps give you a general idea ^^


From my post on the steam forums concerning it:


I've played on normal and insane (I swapped to insane after getting tritium). To list what I've noticed about insane difficulty. All NPC's seem to have a higher omnicron, shield and HP rating, I'm not usre if it scales faster or not, but it certaintly makes them tougher from the very begining.


It also felt like factions were a lot less friendly to me, in general, but that might just be my spawn. Another person in a different thread confirmed it felt that way as well.


It also felt like I was getting less modules and turrets for a while. But now I think that's because I havent been compeltely erradicating my oponents, and that if I stuck around and salvaged them, there would probably be plenty of drops.


I should also mentioned that I didn't notice any different in mining ore amounts (it was just as monotonous as ever =3)

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The AI is a unique boss, you need for the mainstory quest.

And it can a tough enemy if you try to fight him at the 1. time you reach his material area.


But it isn't that worse anymore if you allready could upgrade your ship to Xanion (best outer core material).


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