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Weapon Thermal Cost/Cooldown.



It's difficult to recognize the value of a weapon until you throw it in. Sometimes you think you found a great weapon only to realize it overheats nearly immediately. A literal example where this would come in handy is a weapon I just found, a railgun that does 180 damage per shot, and fires 12 shots per second, and overheats in 9 shots, and takes 10 seconds to cooldown.


It would be VERY nice to see the following stats added to all weapons:


Thermal Cost %/Shot

Thermal Cooldown %/Second

Overheated Cooldown %/Second (If it's not the same)

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I suppose. It would just be a bit more elaborate and require more thought from the user. Note 3 fields required for the full picture.


"Maximum heat"/total heat capacity: Joules

Heat per shot :Joules

Heat Cooldown:Joules/sec

Overheated heat cooldown: Joules/sec

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