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Improving video performance in large battles



Hi folks,

I run a GTX980Ti which isn't new but it's hardly a potato card. I have no trouble playing games like 7 Days to Die, Ark and Atlas in high quality mode. However, Xsotan invasions drag my video down to 7-8fps according to the counter and there's often 3-5 seconds between a mouse movement or keypress and the game responding. This is with almost all video settings turned down to Low. My client has even crashed a few times in the middle of an invasion 😞 A ship or station launching several squads of fighters will cause my game to pause and stutter for a good ten seconds. I dread to think how someone with a minimum spec GTX 500 would fare!

The problem is clearly the number of floating objects / the number of things being animated because performance degrades progressively as the battle wages longer, and after the survivors warp out and I clean up the battlefield, my video performance creeps back up to normal.

One way to address this would be to 'clump' the loot. When a ship is destroyed, it currently explodes into dozens of items including modules, cash, resources and wreckage. While it looks great, I expect there'd be a substantial performance improvement if the cash and resources were each combined into a single item. e.g. Instead of 10 pieces of 20 credits each, 1 piece of 200 credits. A solution would need to retain the existing code so that people with high graphics can enjoy the glittering prizes.

Reasoning out the process, when a ship is destroyed, it's despawned and the wreckage items are spawned in. If there were a unique Wreck_ID tag shared by each piece spawned in, the client could then pick X of each type depending on the graphics level, and just render those. When the ship gets close enough to pick up the rendered item, all items of that type and Wreck_ID get collected at the same time.

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I hadn't done. I'd dropped them down to Big Objects. I actually noticed fighter shadows pass over my hull as I was salvaging while typing that post so I guess the game has a different idea of what 'big' means! I've now turned them off completely. Everything else is either at Low, Very Low or Off.

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