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Found 4 results

  1. A group upload system that lets you select a number of blueprints at once, and upload them as a group to a collection. The Posts would be unlisted by default but the collection itself could be toggled between Public, Friends, Unlisted and Private. This would allow collections of many individual small parts to be uploaded without making a mess of "Newest".
  2. The Avorion Workshop can sometimes be Chaotic and a lot of issues come down to how some builds are categorized. Paricularly I want to address 3 "new" Categories moving forward based on completion status. These would have no effext other than categorization moving forward The categories. Complete- a design marked as complete by the author. (does not disallow updates) WIP- unfinished Work in progress designs Abandoned/free use- not going to be completed by the author, free for use -_-_-_-_-_-_- These would make browsing new workshop items easier for everyone.
  3. Currently, if we upload a ship design to the workshop and then later delete the design from our game (whether this be due to us trying to clean things up/reorganize, accidental deletion, or moving to a new computer, etc), or even simply rename it, we're no longer able to update that design. It'd be nice if somehow we were still able to associate new designs we save with old workshop uploads, even if the original design no longer exists on our PCs.
  4. I think it would be nice for there to be more options for filters such as block count. That filter would be decided by the game when uploading, not by the creator. If the ship has 1000 blocks, that tag would be automatically added to the ship. The workshop is (no offence) cluttered with too many low quality ships that many arent and wont be popular and used. Many people go looking for cool ships but get caught up in the worse and undesirable ships. Adding a block count filter could help people find higher quality ships and ships that better fit their desire.
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